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Scott McElroy
Iron Claw Master Practitioner   

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Hello and welcome to Iron Claw Strength Feats. The home of the Iron Claw Challenge and the Grip Masters Challenge Coin. Our primary goal here is to bring the tradition of Military / Police Challenge Coins and the Coin Game to Grip Masters from around the globe! We are the first site to do this and though there may be others that someday follow this concept, you will know that it all began here.

Within the pages of this site you will see strength feats being performed for your entertainment. Feats such as legitimate phone book ripping, the bending and breaking of hardened steel wrenches, thick Teflon coated frying pans being rolled up into tubes, horseshoe bending, nail driving and poker card tearing. If you are looking at gaining this kind of strength, go over to our
Store and purchase the Iron Claw Strength Feats eBook. This is a specialized training program that will enable you to perform the feats mentioned above within a years time! If you are interested in becoming a Certified Master Practitioner and being able to proudly carry our esteemed Master Practitioner's Challenge Coin, This book will get you there in the same time frame!




What is a Challenge Coin? Coining dates back to the Roman Empire where soldiers were awarded special coins for merits above and beyond. This tradition still lives today within the Special Operations communities of our Military and Police units. Some units give challenge coins for the sake of unity while others give them to members that have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Either way it is something well earned!

What is the Coin Game? Once you receive a coin it has to be kept on your person or at least one step and a reach away from you for the rest of your life. At any given time another coin holder can do what is called a coin check by taking out their challenge coin and saying, I’m initiating a coin check on so & so. At that time if so & so cannot produce their coin with no more than a step and a reach away, he or she will owe the person doing the coin check a meal or drink of their choice. If so & so does produce their coin then the person that has initiated the coin check owes so & so a meal or drink of their choice! For all you Grip Masters out there that would like to get a Master Practitioners Challenge Coin and join in on the age old Coin Game, here is what you have to do. There are six options to choose from and you will need to send us a video of the feat that you choose to perform.

1. Pass the Iron Claw Challenge. This is the entry level and the easiest of the six.

2. Close a Captains of Crush # 3 gripper with a table no set close. This means that you pick the gripper up off the table with the same hand you are going to close it with and slam that puppy shut! You may not use your free hand or any other part of your body to help place the gripper in your hand.

3. Bend the Ironmind Red Nail into a U shape. When you have finished the bend, both inside ends of the nail need to be within a two inch marker. You can use no more than Ironmind hand pads to accomplish this and you are not allowed to double wrap the nail.

4. Lift a 50lb. hex block or York Blob with one hand. You may use chalk for this but no sticky resin is allowed. You must lift it to a full standing position.

5. Pinch together and lift two 45lb. weight plates off the ground to a full standing position. You must use the flat side of each plate to pinch them together. You may use chalk for this but no sticky resin is allowed.

6. 45lb. weight plate hub pinch lift with one hand. You must lift this to a full standing position. You may use chalk for this but no sticky resin is allowed.

7. Lever a 12 lb sledge hammer with a 32 inch handle from the ground up, ( Slim the Hammer Man style,)and then while standing, lever the hammer to a full horizontal position. The handle must reach horizontal and your holding hand may never go lower than your shoulder. This is calculated at 383 inch pounds.

These Challenge Coins are all beautifully minted with an antique silver finish and come with a plastic coin sleeve to protect their beauty. Each will last a lifetime! One coin per person is all that is allowed!! They are all sequentially numbered and will be awarded in the same fashion. If you loose it you are SOL! For soon, everyone will know and they all will be coin checking you to the ends of the earth! That’s a lot of meals and drinks!!!!!! So be very careful and DO NOT LOOSE YOUR COIN!!!! All coin holders names will appear on the Grip Masters page of our website with the feat that they performed to earn it. The price for each coin is just $10.00 US funds plus shipping, and insurance. At this time we have 103 coins available. We will have more minted if need be. Any coin holder can add a link to their website of choice for training info, products etc. on our links page. Personal links are OK as well. Basically free advertising for yourself or someone of your choice. This is free of charge of course! I’m not in this business for the money! I’m in this business because I love the world of grip!! So how about it Grip Masters! Anyone that is interested should email me at

All the best my friends,

Scott McElroy

Iron Claw Master Practitioner